With the NFL Draft right around the corner, the New Orleans Saints are ready to get their picks underway. The Saints have the 14th pick in the draft and are in need of a key defensive player, but many think that there might be a running back pick coming. The only question is, who? That deep in the draft, many of the top draft players may be gone by that time. The Saints have to be smart in the draft pick decision. A defensive play maker seems to be the way to go. The Saints have a great offensive leader in Drew Brees and, if he is able to stay healthy, a good running back in Reggie Bush. So, logically, a defensive player would be a wise pick for the Saints.

So, get ready for this Saturday, as your New Orleans Saints get ready for the upcoming 2009 National Football League season, starting off with the NFL Draft. It is sure to be an exciting season asd Drew Brees leads the Saints on the field of battle. Be sure to stop by and visit for your latest new about the New Orleans Saints. Stayed tuned to see what happens this Saturday in the Draft.

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The first game of the regular season is against the Detroit Lions. Last season, the Detroit Lions came in last place in the NFL, so it looks to be an easy mark in the "W" column. However, coming in last in the NFL also means that you get first draft pick and be sure that the Detroit Lions will use that to their full advantage, making the really quite unpredictable.

The Saints really have to be careful and not take this game for granite. Although it seems like it amy be an easy win for the Saints, the Detroit Lions can show up ready to snatch what looks to be an easy game away from the Saints. Be sure to tune into the game to see if the Saints can start their season off on the right foot as Drew Brees and the gang take the field.